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Wealth Protection and Retirement Income Planning

Let’s face it, everyone has different circumstances, different incomes, and different plans for retirement.  We all want to maximize the money we have saved and invest in the most prudent manner possible in order to make the most out of our hard-earned dollars for retirement.

Wealth Protection and Income Planning are hot topics in today’s world and are becoming more important each day in our global and tenuous market. One of the most important issues for retirees today is protecting the assets and money they have acquired throughout their lives. Many people have been convinced by Wall Street and the media that you need to take risks in order to make returns.  The truth is that there are many options for Fixed Asset investing.  Please reach out so we can discuss your situation and options.

We work with each client or family on an individual and personalized basis. Our priority for everyone we work with is as follows:

  • To listen to your needs and concerns first and foremost.
  • To protect your retirement income and savings from market fluctuation and loss.
  • If desired, to create a guaranteed lifetime income stream.
  • To help you achieve realistic and solid gains.
  • To protect retirement nest-egg from probate and garnishment.
  • If desired, to help protect income for Long Term Care purposes.

Our owner’s approach and experience:

Brian is a Registered Financial Consultant and has over 20 years of experience managing personal finances with a focus on equity-indexed and conservative investment strategies. Early on in his career Brian managed the financial branch of a large multi-national bank, generating ten’s of millions of dollars in revenue and ranking among industries top 1%. Since that time and for the last 15 years Brian has helped scores of individuals and couples save and protect millions of dollars in assets for retirement.

Brian has a very conservative approach to personal finances, retirement preparation and retirement growth. Brian is a no-fee adviser. A free consultation by phone, web-meeting, or in-home is the best place to start. Brian’s first step with all clients is to complete a personalized and customized financial review.

Our product specialty includes but is not limited to:

  • Fixed, Equity-Indexed and Multi-Year Guarantee Annuities
  • 401k/403b and retirement account rollovers and transfers
  • IRA and Roth IRA
  • Income-Producing fixed-rate investments
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